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GOST R Certification

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GOST is the valid quality certification system in Russian Federation. With the other words, it is called GOST-R Certification. GOST R certificate is compulsory for a wide range of products. It is based on complete range of Safety Testing and for certain products which come in contact food a Hygienic Certification. GOST is very important for Russian companies and exporters to the Russia and carries the same meaning of ISO 9000 series certificates for the western companies. GOST-TR is the permitted quality indicator for Russia.

With the export of products requiring certification to the Russian Federation and the Customs Union, the customs authorities will require GOST R certificates or TR certificates of the Russian Federation or the Customs Union. Certification GOST-TR is not only engaged with the quality management of the subject company, but also focused the products of it. With the other words, to obtain of these certificates the tests of samples are necessary. These tests are made on accredited laboratories by GOSTANDARD. (Russian Governmental Standards Organization) According to these tests the certificates are given to the willing company.

With the Customs Union, the governments of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have established a joint economic region. This includes that the participating countries have transformed their previous requirements for the proof of market conformity into new, uniform regulations and requirements that are valid for the entire economic region.

GOST-R Certificate is required for use at

  • Products sold in retail
  • Places like industrial kitchens or laundries (to obtain an Operational License)
  • Production Facilities and Factories (to obtain a Work and Production Permit)
  • Constructions (to obtain an inhabitation license)
  • Russian Federation and Belarus customs (compulsory)

Benefits of GOST-R Certification

  • Demonstrate customer satisfaction through deliver the consistent quality as per the customer requirement.
  • It supports to access the Russian market simply
  • It supports to minimize risk, fault products and damages.
  • Money saving and time saving process.
  • It helps to improve brand image and market value of the organization.

The Russian Federation trades with a large number of countries all over the world. Under the law of the Russian Federation, any foreign products that are imported into Russia must conform to the international standards and so must be certified. Either a specific product or the production process of the manufacturer can be certified.

The term needed for issuing a certificate depends on whether or not the product has any previously issued certificates, the type of product, the kind of tests that need to be carried out, the quantity of the product (single consignment, contract, large-scale production) and the specific features of the product. The specialists of the center examine the submitted documents and determine the amount of time needed for the certification.

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