Kuntai Machinery Offers Different Kind Of Laminating and Cutting Machines with CE Certification for Industrial Use

Kuntai Machinery is a manufacturer of die cutting machine, lamination machine, a bronzing machine which is CE certified and has high quality and exactness. It is a worldwide supplier and is located in Jiangsu, China.

Laminating machines have become common for most of the manufacturing industries; it is a great way to protect valued documents. However, two types of lamination hot and cold laminations are available which often confuses the client. When a paper is covered in a laminating pouch, and it is fed through a device which melts the sticky material on the film and bonds the laminate on the object. While the procedure of cold lamination is entirely different and do not include any heating procedure, the laminate is sticky and thus does not need any heat. No matter what type of lamination a person uses, it covers the document or material and protects it from getting stained, wrinkled, cuts or moisture. Presently different kinds of laminators growth the layers to progress the quality and appearance of any document or material.

Kuntai Machinery is a manufacturer of laminating machine, die cutting, bronzing machine and other machines. The company is a worldwide supplier and is the very famous producer of different types of machines parts. Their experts’ team experiment with the latest techniques to produce the updated devices. Their self-export capability expands the overseas market.

The organization produces shoe material laminating machine which is used for gluing material and laminating with other fabric or material. It is suitable for laminating cloth, sponge, plastic, nonwoven, leather, synthetic leather and many more. However, it is also used in shoemaking, cloth, interior decoration, luggage, toys, car interiors, etc. the machine is furnished with a high-quality heat resistance net belt which increases the drying effect and makes the laminated product soft and washable. The device has two sets of heating system, and the user can easily choose any one heating mode or both sets to decrease the consumption of energy.

The organization also produces other machines like EVA PVC fabric laminating machine. It has a vertical structure and applies to water-based on gluing. It is equipped with the pneumatically control system and the hand wheel controlled clamp roller. The device also has an automatic temperature control system; it is low maintenance and very easy to maintain.

The company manufactures devices which are used for gluing fabric, film and other materials like nonwoven lamination machine. These machines are highly used in garments, shoe materials, sports products, dive tools industry, medical products, and other various industries. Through this machine, the oil glue is transferred via engraved roller in dot shape which spreads the paste evenly on the material surface.