CurveBeam declares CE mark certification for LineUP and InReach orthopedic extremity CT systems

CurveBeam declared it has received CE Mark certification for its LineUP and InReach orthopedic extremity CT systems.

The compact systems provide radiology and orthopedic experts with three-dimensional bone detail of the orthopedic extremities. The systems can be plugged into a standard wall outlet and have minimal shielding needs, hence they can be placed in locations convenient to the patient. Radiation dose to the patient is also significantly less than a conventional CT scan.

The LineUP system permits the patient to stand during the scan, so anatomy can be assessed while in the "weight bearing" or "load bearing" position. The LineUP can perform bilateral scans of whole legs, from below the heel to above the knee. An adaptive chair permits scanning of the hand, wrist and elbow as well.

Weight bearing CT imaging for body extremities became commercially available in 2012. Since then, lower extremity experts and radiologists have published many journal articles on the value of a three-dimensional weight bearing views for conditions ranging from complex hindfoot misalignment to a routine bunion deformity. Published research also suggests a three-dimensional weight bearing view of the knees could be instrumental in early detection of osteoarthritis.

CurveBeam's InReach system for hand, wrist and elbow received FDA clearance in 2017. Since then, it has been implemented in several leading hand surgery centers in the United States. Experts extol the ability to confirm a scaphoid fracture diagnosis or distal radius fracture diagnosis at the point-of-care, among other crucial diagnostic details.

CurveBeam introduced the pedCAT system, which permits bilateral weight bearing scans of the foot and ankle in 2012. The pedCAT has since been implemented in numerous of the premier foot and ankle orthopedic and podiatric facilities in the United States, Europe, Australia and China.

"The recent CE Mark certification of the LineUP and InReach systems demonstrates CurveBeam's determination and commitment to elevating the standard of care in imaging for orthopedics," CurveBeam President & CEO Arun Singh said. "Worldwide anticipation for the LineUP system has been clamorous, and CurveBeam is confident the LineUP will make an even larger effect than the pedCAT did in understanding of lower extremity conditions."

"We look forward to working with our partners across Europe to promote the LineUP and InReach systems," CurveBeam Director of European Operations Guy Long said. "CurveBeam has demonstrated strong commitment to the European markets and we are confident its presence will carry on to grow rapidly."

CurveBeam designs and manufactures Cone Beam CT imaging equipment for the orthopedic and podiatric specialties. CurveBeam was founded in 2009 and is privately owned and operated. CurveBeam's corporate office is situated in Warrington, Pennsylvania, USA. CurveBeam's Europe office is located in London, United Kingdom. The core team behind CurveBeam developed and pioneered the first commercially viable Cone Beam CT imaging systems for the dental/maxillofacial specialisms starting in 2003. In 2012, CurveBeam introduced the pedCAT, a bilateral weight bearing CT imaging system for the foot & ankle.